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Meridien IT Technical Services & Trading had been introduced to the corporate world in Qatar year 2015, as an Information Technology (IT) Products & Service Provider company. That was only the beginning of the ladder to success. The road to the top is quite remarkable. At present, we as a bigger corporate entity  has fully bloomed in to setting our own standards; building a legacy of our own. Meridien is now an established IT Service Provider Company in the region that upholds its identity in providing only the best solutions for our customers. This entails that we have a steady work flow that assures every need of our client is successfully met.

To make our company thrive even more in this realm, we have decided to team up with trusted international vendors that make it even more convenient for our clients to acquire excellent technological interventions and get essential upgrades at reasonable costs.

Behind the success of this company is the passionate, driven, and visionary Chairman and Managing Director who have set things in outstanding and well-coordinated motion under his exemplary leadership. His smart and innovative strategies orchestrate the work flow well-enough to achieve astounding results. The top priority of this company is to provide and implement cost-efficient and accurately smart solutions to the clients. These are services beyond compare; therefore promising only ultimate client satisfaction. The service we offer is all-inclusive beginning with IT Hardware, Software, Computing and Telecommunication and many more. Moreover, Meridien is now a name with irrefutable standing as a dependable and vital IT partner of many credible stake holders; as companies and individuals all over Qatar rely on our first-rate skills and highest regard to customer satisfaction. Mutual growth and development among all business prospects remains to be our aspiration. Meridien IT has also advanced in to handling a myriad of specialized domains of IT-structured cabling solutions to bid a greater value-added service to our clients in only less than a decade! The highest level of eminence is what we now possess to plan, design, install and maintain IT and Communicational Infrastructure solutions that can be adjusted and formed according to your specific business requirements. The services and support we provide are absolutely acknowledged as highly advanced with sophisticated technological interventions; therefore error-free, secure, and accurate. A perfectly- smooth and seamless experience is what we give you as you trust us with your business.


We aspire to be the global IT industry standard for value creation and in the provision of innovative yet cost-effective IT and allied services through the procurement of a competitive edge for our clients.


In harmony with the values and aspirations of our Chairman, we endeavor to strengthen Qatar’s IT and Telecommunications base through the effective management and utilization of manpower, contemporary advancements in the IT technology and through constant and persistent innovations. We visualize the forefront technological expedients and high productivity, consistent with the modern management practices as factors consistently achieved. Meridien IT also lives by the principle that while integrity and honesty are ingredients to a strong enterprise, profitability is what ignites the greatest spark. Profitability is crucial in creating an impact in the world of Information technology and its economic scope. Generally, our venture seeks to scale the heights of excellence in all of our endeavors in a prejudice-free setting; and thereby practice all democratic rights pertaining to the corporate world.




We always strive to integrate environmental and social principles in our businesses to ensure that whatever comes from the people goes back to the people in a fair and necessary measure.


We work towards building a culture of safety where interactions between men and machines are kept as safe as possible to eliminate all unwanted threats/accidents at the site.


We are bold and agile; valiantly open to challenges. We welcome customer insight to develop innovative solutions and keep our mark as a pioneer in the domains of our specializations.


We aim to be fair, honest, transparent and ethical in our conducts; hence, all corporate actions are amenable to public scrutiny.


We labor with passion towards achieving the highest standards of quality and we always promote meritocracy.


We invest in a continual training and skill enrichment of our employees to promote the culture of interminable learning and to build a caring and collaborative relationship with all our stakeholders as well; based on trust and mutual respect.

Scope of Our Services

  1. Designing network
  2. New Installations
  3. Reconditioning of Existing Network
  4. System Upgrades
  5. Relocation/ Additions / Changes
  6. Network Consulting
  7. Testing and Documentation
  8. Maintenance of Current Cabling Systems
Meridien attends to a wide range of IT-structured cabling and networking requirements of large / small, commercial and industrial clients ’scale by giving a complete scale of data / voice wiring products and networks including designing, installation, and maintenance services.
We at Meridien IT have a firm belief in the benefits of technological advancements that elicit positive changes. Because of this, we are up to date with the recent technological developments so we may in turn implement them for the clients who entrust their businesses with us. Our goal is to keep our clients one step ahead of every competitor; with every facet of their business way above any other.
It is with great pride to be your accomplice in securing the growth and success of your business. The victory you gain is twice our triumph. The moment you choose us is when we start working hand in hand with you. As we seek to match the continually-changing technological advancements, Meridien IT is your partner in providing you the best solutions for structured cabling, wireless networks, and telecom needs. Meridien IT is your all-in-one solution.

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