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IT and Network Installation

Designing and building of flexible cabling infrastructure and systems are a part of our well-framed cabling services. This can support multiple voice, data, video, security and multimedia systems regardless of the OEMs. The team is competent in the evaluation, designing, and installing of the prime integrated system for any business in all scheme of operation.
IT and Cabling installation services for commercial, educational and industrial use is offered throughout India. Every staff and professional crew are certified and have undergone trainings in providing infrastructural support for voice, video and data networks.
MERIDIEN has proven its mastery and craft in handling each aspect of network arrangement starting from designing to installation of an entirely new network to narrowing down of an existing network. Our services are as follows:

Demarc Extension Services

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A demarc extension is the procedure that connects your organization’s network to a data line such as any T1, DSL, or POTS given by the telephone companies or any other vendor. MERIDIEN has a vast knowledge in conducting the demarc extensions in different kinds of environments.

Structured Cabling Installation

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MERIDIEN is able to plan, design, install, maintain, troubleshoot, and upgrade any type or extent of network. From 1 to 10,000+ drops, our onsite technicians are prepared to assist you.

Network Wiring Testing

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Wiring infrastructure is the core of every network. Our services are inclusive of the testing and certification of new or existing copper or fiber networks.

Wi-Fi Network Installation

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MERIDIEN renders a full-service wireless network implementation across India. We can design, plan, and install your network from step one until the final touch. Every wireless solution is tailored to cope with the challenges and requirements of your area.

Fiber-optic Network Installation

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Our IT based fibre-optic networks offer solutions where other networks usually fail. Fibre optics can work to greater distances, perform at a faster speed, and endure the interferences caused by heavy machineries or faulty electrical lines. Our technicians are skilled at installing and working with fiber lines. MERIDIEN can aid in integrating a fiber-optic network with a local copper network, create a fiber network from zero, or fashion a customized solution according to your business demands.

Point of Sale Low Voltage Networks

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MERIDIEN delivers a complete package of installation services which meet the requirements of the retail establishments throughout India. Our well-trained technicians can operate the cable and install the equipment for a number of audio and video systems, including Background music systems and speakers, Overhead paging and public address (PA) systems, and Security camera and Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) systems.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

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Our extensive support and service coverage for the businesses entails that IT equipment is maintained to its optimum level in order to achieve the most desirable results. We go into a service agreement with the clients and offer them a scheduled and projected assessment at the decided costs.

CCTV Surveillance Systems

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We furnish and install CCTV cameras beginning from the standalone single point to zoom or night vision camera to the large area integrated systems with the centralized or IP based controls.

Access Control Systems

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MERIDIEN gives out and installs technologically-advanced access control mechanisms starting from the small multi-door system of enterprises to wide, networked systems consisting of numerous entry points.

Video Surveillance Systems

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Our company aids the business owners and managers in the observance and control of the activities at one or multiple locations without being physically present and by the use of the remote video surveillance systems. Our systems have a tested track record of significant improvement in employee performance level; a tremendous decline in shoplifting, theft and inventory deficits; satisfactory customer service levels; a drop in losses due to fraudulent claims; and a good increase in the business profitability aspects.

Disaster Recovery System

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Our excellent crew offers infrastructural support to facilitate a maximum system uptime so that the down time does not affect your business’s productivity and profitability. We also adhere to the standards and practices that helps eliminate the losses due to natural or manmade disasters; and thus, aid in the recovery of data/sensitive information in the event of outages, if any.

Network Performance Analysis

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We guarantee that your network’s performance is never affected due to the infrastructural or other issues. We have system administrators who can monitor the network performance and identify the issues which might contribute to the downtimes. Comprehensive network performance analysis is carried out by our experienced IT engineers.

Network Security

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Our team is persistent doing scans on your network to make sure that no unauthorized intrusion gets in to your company’s internal IT architecture. Our priority is safeguarding the business-sensitive data and getting rid of hackers who could invade on your IT capabilities with DDOS attacks, malware, virus etc.

Scope of Our Services

  1. Designing network
  2. New Installations
  3. Reconditioning of Existing Network
  4. System Upgrades
  5. Relocation/ Additions / Changes
  6. Network Consulting
  7. Testing and Documentation
  8. Maintenance of Current Cabling Systems
Meridien attends to a wide range of IT-structured cabling and networking requirements of large / small, commercial and industrial clients ’scale by giving a complete scale of data / voice wiring products and networks including designing, installation, and maintenance services.
We at Meridien IT have a firm belief in the benefits of technological advancements that elicit positive changes. Because of this, we are up to date with the recent technological developments so we may in turn implement them for the clients who entrust their businesses with us. Our goal is to keep our clients one step ahead of every competitor; with every facet of their business way above any other.
It is with great pride to be your accomplice in securing the growth and success of your business. The victory you gain is twice our triumph. The moment you choose us is when we start working hand in hand with you. As we seek to match the continually-changing technological advancements, Meridien IT is your partner in providing you the best solutions for structured cabling, wireless networks, and telecom needs. Meridien IT is your all-in-one solution.

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